Bohr's Spinoza
by Noah Eli Gordon

Anything & Everything
by Michel Delvlle
(translated by Gian Lombardo)

A Book of Common Rituals
by Brian Clements

Mchines We Have Built
by Gian Lombardo

by Lohren Green

A Swift Passage
by Barbara Henning

The Rainy Season Diaries
by Jennifer A. Reimer

by John Allman

Time Being
by Joseph Torra

by David Giannini,
with woodcuts by Franklin Feldman

Glass Harmonica
by Geoff Bouvier

Field Report
by Dennis Barone

A Cloud of Witnesses
by Jason Stumpf

by Brian Clements


(nevertheless enjoyment
by Elizabeth Bryan

Gastrology or Study of the Belly
or Inquiry Into Dinner or Life of Pleasure

by Archestratos
(translated by Gian Lombardo)

Third Body
by Michel Delvlle
(translated by Gian Lombardo)

or, The Hats They Are Allowed to Wear

by Bob Heman

And How to End It
by Brian Clements

North Arrow
by Dennis Barone

The Graveyard of Fallen Monuments

by P.H. Liotta

Pursuing the Dream Bone
by Morton Marcus

How It All Began
by Bob Heman

Precise Machine

by Dennis Barone

Irregular Numbers of
Beasts and Birds

by Cecil Helman

nothing fictional but the
accuracy or arrangement (she
by Sawako Nakayasu

Rules of Solitude
by Eugène Savitzkaya
(translated by Gian Lombardo)

The Other Half
of the Dream

by Cecil Helman

Arrows in the Gale
& Other Poems

by Arturo Giovannitti

Even the Java Sparrows
Call Your Hair
by George Kalamaras

When the Time Comes:
A Selection of Contemporary Belgian Prose Poetry

by Gian Lombardo

Walking Backwards
by Dennis Barone

by David Giannini

by Liz Waldner

The Disguise of Events
by Dennis Barone

Hands-On Saints
by Holly Iglesias

by Brian Johnson

All in All
by Laura Chester

Flemish School, Old Paris,
& Night & Its Spells
by Aloysius Bertrand

Closer to Day
by Mary A. Koncel

Watteau Sky
by Joseph Torra & Ed Barrett

Sewing Her Hand to the
Face of the Fleeting

by Liz Brennan

Love Poems for the Millennium
by Peter Johnson


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