Resources for Publishing

These web sites supply information relevant to book publishing. Most of them will have links to other resources (many of them are cross-linked).

Association of American University Presses
American Institute of Graphic Arts
American Library Association
Book information & news
Authors’ Guild
Bookbuilders of Boston brings together people involved in book publishing and manufacturing throughout New England.
Book Industry Study Group
Book Flash (publicity)
Book publishing jobs
John Kremer’s book marketing site (with links to other resources)
R.R. Bowker’s Books in Print
The Independent Publisher (magazine & info)
Book selling, POD vendor & info
Book production technology magazine
American Booksellers Association (Bookselling This Week)
R.R. Bowker industry info
BookZone (bookselling & resources)
R.R. Bowker publishing info & ISBN #s (links to other Bowker sites)
Children’s Book Council
E-Books.Org (info on ebooks)
Graphic Arts Technical Foundation
Stock photos & artwork
IndieBound program
International Digital Publishing Forum
Library of Congress Copyright Office
Literary Marketplace
Industry commentary
Museum of Printing (Andover, MA)
National Book Foundation
National Writers Union
100 Essential Sites for Voracious Readers
Dan Poynter’s Para (Self-)Publishing
Publisher’s Marketing Association
Publishing Law Center
Association of American Publishers
Industry news & deals (
Publishers Weekly
Poets & Writers, Inc.
Small Press Center
Small Publishers, Artists & Writers Network
American Wholesale Booksellers Association
Info for publishing professionals

Resources for Prose Poetry

These web sites supply information relevant to prose poetry. Some will have links to other resources (many are cross-linked).

Sentence: A Journal of Prose Poetics

M y Uncle, the Monkey, Sings on Wednesdays, When He's on
My Back: Some Notes on Poems-in-Prose and Prose-in-Poems
(an essay on prose poetry)

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