by David Giannini

ISBN: 0-9700663-5-X
Saddle-stitched, $5.00
Publication Date: Fall 2002.
5.5 x 8.5 inches, 28 pages
ISSN: 1527-9579, Volume 3 Number 3

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Side-Ways, by David Giannini, is part of Quale Press’s edition key satch(el) series of books and publications of prose poetry. In Side-Ways, we are left with the fragments of a world that have fashioned themselves into their own inexplicable order. Things change incompletely, laying bare their more primal aspects while striving for the new. Men “become raw statues savage and fractal” and a young woman drifts into a cirrus cloud while her hands remain behind. . .

From Side-Ways...


This is the light that makes the drivers imprecise and cats more arbitrary. This time of day, Jung knew, is the world’s downcasting flight, when the black tribe people-of-the-dance-and-daylong-smile feel death, grow down into themselves as plants with no other way to reach, and the crow folds his sorrow in the neighboring limbs.

I move indoors; can’t locate what’s gone from me. It must be the light is going.

My body feels dark as its locked-in blood. It knows an unspeaking place, yet one sentence it must bear into the world: What moves — moves through.

I rise to switches, turn up dry ponds of light. Your presence is everywhere, sustaining what they cannot open. Everything not in them has your hair.

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