Machines We Have Built
by Gian Lombardo

ISBN: 978-1-935835-12-7
Perfect Bound, $15.00
Publication Date: May 2014
5 x 7 inches, 81 pages

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Ever have a line from a song stick in your head? What happens when you let it take off on its own? The product of many two-hour late-night commutes, Machines We Have Built yields the poetic detritus left after a full day, when the need to stay awake and the longing to get home are paramount. Each prose poem in Machines We Have Built is a riff into what occurs when language is allowed to devour itself and where metaphor splices into metaphor, forming a domain where literal language becomes entirely figurative, where fashioning these language constructs simultaneously frees and imprisons us, making us both forget — and be all too aware — that the mind is a device that builds and destroys what we call real.

From Machines We Have Built...

MAGNET DRAW DAY FROM DARK, and relegate stragglers to appending quotation marks onto finishing lines, drawing sufficient resources to weather any tempest and dispensing with anyone defined solely as an observer. The palliative seems by far the best racquet that's ever been strung, except for the bull's-eye sail luffing, then lowered, part of the whole romance of giving up and getting gone.

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