by Lohren Green

ISBN: 978-1-935835-11-0
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Publication Date: February 2014
5.5 x 8.5 inches, 72 pages

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Atmospherics is a prose poetry textbook that brings sensual life to the reference work. Encompassing topics as varied as the flow of time in museums, the play of momentum through a sports event, and the expression of food in dreams, it studies how anything ever comes to feel like anything in particular at all. The hypothesis of this science is poetries. And so it is through poetries, some terse and esoteric, others diagrammatically elaborate, that the text explores the endlessly variable topic of atmosphere.

Concept and specificity, voice and structure, shape and movement, multiplicity and coalescence, absorption and expression: many of the questions of poetry are also the questions of atmosphere. Atmospherics represents the confluence of poetry and philosophy, and of learning and teaching — a writing that meditates between concepts and particularity, pushing an expressive phenomenology beyond the resolution of experience into a very quietly strange world where there is wonder at the mood of a city street, the cry of a trumpet, the turn of an event.

From Atmospherics...


Within the event there sometimes occurs some perfectly timed salience of aptitude — a definitive turn around which opens a slipstream of positive congruences. The way is eased for everything within that slipstream, but the slipstream is fringed with drag and cross-purposes, and for everything outside it the way is confounded. Following a turn in athletics, for example, momentum sweeps along the game's participants and constraints in two opposing directions, temporarily orienting happening into for-and-against. To achieve this bipolar heading across the field of play, momentum actually moves through all the grunting, blurry strains of action in a variety of directions and speeds, radiating from hips, heads, feet, and fingers, modulating itself intently all the way down into the turns of athletes in their media — into those seams where, for example, a hard-pivoting player twists his cleats' bite through soft turf, ripping the fine roots that sequentially hold and give beneath his flowing torque as he imparts impeccable touch to a ball. In athletics, as in desires, speeches, movements, and eras, MOMENTUM is the gravitational trailing of any real turn of the event.

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