by Liz Waldner

ISBN: 0-9700663-4-1
Saddle-stitched, $5.00
Publication Date: Summer 2002
5.5 x 8.5 inches, 20 pages
(ISSN: 1527-9579, Volume 3, Number 2)

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Representation, by Liz Waldner, is part of Quale Press’s edition key satch(el) series of books and publications of prose poetry. In Representation, language meets deity as seamlessly as pens blossom into one-winged angels and a wave in a physics lab carries out Christ’s commandment to perfection. What seems simple is never arbitrary, and line by line the reader discovers they have been led into surprising but welcome territory.

“Liz Waldner is a poet of high wit, high intelligence, and great musical rigor—she may be our Postmodern Metaphysical poet plummeting deeper and deeper with each book into the questions of self, sexuality, and knowing.”
— Gillian Conoley

“The music of the mind is brought into congruence with the music of the page, of the arbitrary but beautiful and delicate words themselves—and the sense is left to fend for itself.”
—Bin Ramke

From Representation...

SweetBee Said

SweetBee said it’s nice to appear with a spine now and then. By this she meant to congratulate x on appearing in print. Print was the only way x could appear; otherwise she was just the blank shapes between letters, the silence between words, conditions not generally thought of as spiny or even particularly noticeable — rather, the outward, inaudible signs of absence. It’s a problem, no matter what form you appear under. Oh but SweetBee, attuned to the magnetic petals of the sun, knew what it was to be drawn into being and so danced out words, drumming the air, each gesture sketching the signs of an electro-magnetic spelling bee. X, listening, appeared and disappeared in a Morse code of being. In the beginning was the wing of the bee. At the end of desire, the word made flesh. In between, the sweet honey of the language self.

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