nothing fictional but the
accuracy or arrangement (she

by Sawako Nakayasu

ISBN: 0-9744503-6-7
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Publication Date: March 2006
5.5 x 8 inches, 74 pages

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Nothing fictional but the accuracy or arrangement (she catalogs women moving through the world. These women move through mundane activities — tossing out spoiled food, watering plants — that branch out into infinite dimensions of consciousness, memory and sensory experience. The subject herself — simply “she” — is relegated to the title page, allowing the reader to experience her impressions and actions unmediated. From this vantage point, at once disembodied and deeply felt, the stories read with their own resonant clarity, as if viewed through a body of water, the bottom visible but shifting and refracted, shimmering always.

“In the world of Sawako Nakayasu… [to] be alive is to be in motion.”
—Craig Watson

From nothing fictional but the accuracy or arrangement (she...

walks down the street with a person--walks down the street with a person who doubles as a screen for her shadow, if not screen from the eventfulness from which it just so happens, from which it just so happens that she needs protection--and the gentle hand that pushes the screen back from her face

in her latest field of vision--watches a family moving out from the eighth-floor window, a slanted conveyer belt--last to go are the children, well-practiced on their playground slides--easily, gently, smoothing their way down oh down towards their new abode

catches something good, this morning--a whiff of unmistakability--and the problematic need, or pressure, rather, to throw it back in, with feigned enthusiasm and cheer and let-go and all, standing still standing there with both arms out until her shoulders hurt, not what she signed up for, no not at all

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