Economically Justifying Functional Test
by Stephen F. Scheiber

ISBN: 0-9656161-6-9
Saddle-stitched, $30 (volume discounts available)
Publication Date: 1999.
6 x 9 inches, 64 pages

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A company manager's primary responsibility is to optimize the bottom line. If you cannot show how your test-strategy solution and its accompanying expenditures will contribute to that goal, your plea will fall on deaf ears, however potent your technical arguments. You must therefore justify your position with a credible economic model of the current situation and your proposed changes. The purpose of this book is to help you in your efforts. Expanding on the model introduced in A Six-Step Economic Justification Process for Tester Selection, this work relaxes some of the simplifying assumptions, making the result more universally applicable. It then examines the costs and benefits of adding a functional tester and an inspection system to a board-test strategy, showing how to justify technically necessary capital expenditures. It also provides a specific example to illustrate the principles presented. Along the way, it carefully outlines all of its assumptions, allowing readers to accept or reject individual ones to more accurately reflect their own situations.

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