A Six-Step Economic Justification Process
for Tester Selection

by Stephen F. Scheiber

ISBN: 0-9656161-0-X
Saddle-stitched, $25 (volume discounts available)
Publication Date: 1997.
6 x 9 inches, 48 pages

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Implementing or changing test strategies for sound technical reasons inherently incurs economic consequences. In short, it means spending the company's money and therefore convincing upper management that the expenditure (which can be considerable) is justified. To do that requires considering both test and manufacturing costs before and after the change. This easy-to-read booklet takes on the challenge, breaking costs down into manageable elements and showing step-by-step how to use them to perform an economic analysis of the test-strategy decision. Included is a real-world example to help readers to apply the principles to their own situations..

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