Wild Things
by S.A. Bartfay

ISBN: 0-9656161-1-8
Saddle-stitched, $5.00
5.5 x 8.5 inches, 24 pages

Currently out of print.

This collection of nine poems moves us into the natural world where the “wild things” live. From the opening poem spoken in the voice of a woman who abandoned her family in the city to live in the woods, to the farm girl on her way back home after grape-picking, to the last poem spoken in the voices of a man’s hunting dogs, there is always the sense of a world larger than ourselves and it is our job to figure out how to live in the landscape “we litter with reaction.” Bartfay lets “the wild things / wander into my blindness”, painting a orld simultaneously beautiful and sensual but also capable of harm.

From Wild Things...

The Creaking of a Floor

"Better to be the creaking of a floor
than a shrilly transparent perfection."
-- Zbigniew Herbert

In life I was upright
along a slouching wall,
daughter of our sound god,
the wind I slowly forget.

After life,
stifled light
sometimes sulks
where I lay, and feet
are the gods that give me voice.

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