Between Islands
by Gian Lombardo

Dolphin-Moon Press (Baltimore, MD), 1984
56 pp., softbound, 9" x 7"
$6.00 (out of print)
cover image by Steven Anzovin

A collection 27 verse poems, translations from Old English and pseudo-translations from French, Italian & Provencal.

Sorry, this book is out of print at the moment. It may be made available in PDF file format some time in the future.

Selections from Between Islands...


    in the catcalls of late spring
    with roots leached through cracks in stone
    in bad soil
      an arrhythmia of blue

Reminding pulsations of other skies
            more tremulous
            more haphazard
that come for a day and are gone
          Within which


there is blood
    which gives rain and sparks
    and eyes that remain in the blood
mixed communications of archangels
            and vagabonds


more and more real than their
          push and greater push into season
          bitter leaf, pungent root
the blue one moment to the side of blue
              Tested from earth


wholly flesh and metaphor

Between Islands

It's not so much islands and what inhabits them
whether rock and sand or clay or pine or oak, blueberry, sweet fern.
It's not so much what they are or what's above or below
with the cold fish eye and swish of lobster tail
nor what comes to them or shunts by,
planked and rigged, quiet or throaty.
Know anything but by what it does. What's done:
nothing as dangerous as what can be done.
If a mirror should omit a hand or eye, is it then a mirror?
Water, constant as touch, fills, takes shape -- a perfect continent.

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